Orbis de Roma (2020)

23.6x31.5 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Copying the work of a great master is for me not only a great learning exercise, but also an almost mystical possibility of coming into contact with what was his being, his choices, his universe. It is to have a relieving opportunity to escape from oneself to finally see the world with the eyes of a genius. It is a bit like reading a book by Proust aloud, so that the sound traced in the void amplifies the pleasure of the heart, or pronouncing it in a whisper, kneeling as in prayer. To reproduce the work of a great master is to repeat each passage like a psalm, in unison with this Other, embedded in the other, in the most humble of adorations, we lend him his flesh and his blood, he gives you in return its eternal pulsations. There is transvertebration, you think you no longer exist but in the end you find yourself, more than ever increased by the alien dust of this unknown meteorite.


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